quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

dmesg fun: endless printing like "hacker movies"

Did you notice that every Hollywood movie that show some guy hacking in a deep-voodoo-programming-frenesi has some cool stuff being printed in a lot of black-green terminals? And that nonsense lines are printed so quickly that only the "hacker" can read??

When I'm programming or analyzing logs, the line-breaks flow slow and boooring... The closest thing is when I'm compiling something with 'make'. So I was thinking: why I can't have my own hacker-like cool printing to impress my girlfriend by pretend doing important stuff?

Yes I can!

Then i wrote this (useless) command to print a infinite looping dmesg in a black-green terminal:

xterm -bg black -fg green -e "while [ 1 ]; do bash -c 'dmesg | while read line; do echo \$line && sleep 0.05; done' && sleep 0.2; done;"

Now you just have to associate this with some alias like dmesgl or hacking-the-cia or whatever you like!

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